We are live!

It is our great pleasure to announce that CyberHelper.net is live. Over the coming months, we will be sharing our progress and some pertinent issues in cybersecurity right here on our site. For now though, let’s start with what CyberHelper is and will do.

CyberHelper represents a new approach to analysing, contextualising, and understanding, the cybersecurity threats faced by organisations both large and small. This is accomplished by using advanced analytical techniques to assess client network traffic in order to locate and describe intrusions and other actions taken by threat actors. CyberHelper is, however, not a replacement for the human analyst, but rather a capability multiplier which aids the human analyst.

Such aid is needed since the network traffic containing the tell tail signs of intrusion, both attempted and achieved, is growing at an exponential rate due to the continued increase in connectivity across the board. This challenge is exasperated by both the low barrier to entry for some attacks, leading to proliferation, and at the other extreme, the increased sophistication of so-called advanced persistent threats (APT). In other words, increased network traffic is accompanied by an upsurge in general attacks and increased sophistication for the highest threat levels. Consequently, a tool which can spot and correctly interpret the hidden ripples in an ocean of data, offers the opportunity to not only locate and identify a significant threat, but do so much earlier than might otherwise be the case.

This is the value proposition of CyberHelper, and the goal towards which we are working. Over the coming months we will share more on how we make this a reality, so please check back for more, or use our contact form if you want to reach out to us.

-The CyberHelper Team-