About CyberHelper

CyberHelper is a software solution for the analysis of threats and cyberattacks. This innovative tool combines network security, AI, and decision making, to guide security analysts during cyberattack investigations. CyberHelper improves the effectiveness of cyber analysis within an organization by connecting the knowledge, experience, and intuition of the cyber analysts to an extensible cyber intelligence knowledge base. CyberHelper improves the efficiency of cyberattacks investigations and reduces the investigation time. This is accomplished by analysing data streams from existing systems to locate and identify cyber threats earlier in the kill chain, providing users with actionable intelligence which not only includes the specifics of unfolding attacks, but also the likely next steps of the threat actors.

CyberHelper is current in active development at the University of Southampton’s Cybersecurity Research Unit. The unit is an NCSC accredited centre of excellence and hosts a team of academics and researchers with extensive international experience both in industry and related research, with extensive connections across the board. This includes CyberASAP which is graciously assisting CyberHelper in its early development. CyberASAP is a pre-seed accelerator for the commercialisation of UK based academic work in the realm of cybersecurity.

CyberHelper is directly aligned with CyberASAP’s area of focus, providing future clients with an innovative new approach to analysing, filtering, and correlating the evidence of an attack. This focuses the attention of analysts on relevant data, bringing the attention and skills of human analysts to bear at the points of greatest need. CyberHelper can also be used for on-the-job training, inspecting historical data and scenario planning, whiles integrating directly into a client’s existing systems without the need for replacing or changing existing workflows.

For more information on what we are currently working on please have a look at our blog, or click the contact link to get in touch.

  • The CyberHelper Team
  • CyberHelper was part of CyberASAP Year 4
  • CyberASAP is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in partnership with Innovate UK and KTN.